Hindsight is 20/20

I’m sure it happens across every fan base of every team in every sport, but as a fan of Philadelphia sports I’m also always lead to believe we’re more rude, arrogant, naive, unappreciative, and plenty more negative characteristics. I believe we’re just passionate, and in the heat of passion, we can’t be held accountable for our actions, and if anyone shared passion like ours, we’d be much more well understood.

I’m talking about how we as fans always know how to run our teams, would make all the right decisions, would do things differently in retrospect, etc, etc. Most of the time these decisions are made and pronounced after a bad play, a loss, etc. I make it a point to put my changes out there in advance, but as I was shown tonight, that still doesn’t make me better, or more correct, than anyone else. Especially Charlie Manuel.

I said prior to game 2 of the NLCS tonight I would have sat Jimmy Rollins for Wilson Valdez. I know many other people were ready to sit J-Roll too. With that said, odds are Valdez bats 8th if that happens (that’s where I’d put him if I would have done that, and probably where Charlie would have). Also, odds are he doesn’t draw an RBI walk with the bases loaded, or later hit a 3 RBI double. Don’t get me wrong, I do like J-Roll, but he’s been slumping, and I was sick of it. But what it comes down to is Valdez has 1 career postseason start, 1 career postseason hit, and 0 MVP awards. Rollins has 37 career postseason starts, 34 career postseason hits, and an MVP award. You’ve got to just stick with a guy with that kind of talent, and know he’ll come through, and no matter how many times these Phillies do it, sometimes a ridiculous idea like replacing a guy like Rollins for Valdez will pop into our heads. In the end, that’s why fans such as I are fans, and Charlie Manuel is the MANager.

Charlie Manuel

Charlie Manuel is the Man!

Image courtesy of (Newsday Photo / Kathy Kmonicek)


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22, Communications/journalism major at CCC/Rowan University. Philadelphia sports are my passion. Also the drummer in a band called The Bottom Line.
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