No One Thought We Would Be 4-2

Jeremy Maclin makes a catch in the end zone for a TD.

Jeremy Maclin makes a catch in the end zone for a TD.

I remember listening to WIP and 97.5 The Fanatic before the Eagles regular season began, and all the hosts and callers who would run down the schedule, predicting wins and losses for each game. Pretty much everyone knew this was going to be an unpredictable season, yet I never heard so much predicting of our season. Everyone ranged from as poor as 5-11 to 12-4. It’s safe to say no one calling in would dare predict us going 4-12 or worse (only a cowboys fan would dare do that).

So for the most part what I remember being the general consensus to this point in the season…

Week 1: Green Bay – Loss
Week 2: @Detroit – Win
Week 3: @Jacksonville – Split (Jacksonville always being decent at home accounted for a few votes for “Loss”, but it being Jacksonville accounted for just as many “Wins”)
Week 4: Washington – Win (Everyone assuming we’d split, so giving each team the win at home)
Week 5: @San Fransisco – Loss (Out west, on the road, Sunday Night Football)
Week 6: Atlanta – Split (I feel like it leaned slightly toward “Loss” due to their running attack, but it is a home game)

So it’s fair to say there was fluctuation for somewhere between 2-4 and 4-2, so we’ll say 3-3 at best. So 4-2 doesn’t seem that unbelievable right? Wrong, and here’s why.

This was supposed to be the year of King Kolb! Save us from Donovan’s smile that makes the top of my head blow off from steam release like a Looney Tunes’ cartoon, passes that were intended for Mother Earth, and always hit the mark. Save us from the man who didn’t know the overtime rules of a game he gets paid millions of dollars to play, who’s Super Bowl puking offends me far more than the infamous “Pukemon” Phillies fan of 2010.

Then Clay Matthews came from behind in the second quarter of the first game and literally and figuratively [bleeped] our chances, and our franchise QB, in the [bleep].

Kevin Kolb is sacked by Clay Matthews

Now Kolb wasn’t lighting it up before that moment anyway, arguably he didn’t have much of a chance. Either way you looked at it, it wasn’t good. All our nice, new, ready to be worn for the next 11 years (This is assuming Andy Reid owns the Eagles soul and can’t be fired, and wants another 11 year marriage to his QB) Kolb Jerseys already seemed as worthless as


Terrell Owens

those #81 Eagles jerseys we bought back in 2004.

In stepped Michael Vick, and that insane, risky, image crushing acquisition in the summer of 2009 became an absolute miracle. He almost brought us back down 13-3 at the half and 27-10 at the end of the third quarter, then won two games in a row (albeit two games we should’ve won, and two defenses that can’t stop the practice squad) until a rib injury against Washington. Kolb came in and again, the replacement of the starter was in a position to win the game in the 4th quarter.

This leads me to what I find to be truly incredible up to this point: The Eagles are 4-0 when the QB who starts the game finishes the game. Their two losses are by a combined deficit of 12 points (less than a touchdown per loss) showing they’ve been in every game.

Factor in a young, identity lacking, first full year coordinator run defense, Leonard Weaver gone for the season, a makeshift offensive line

The Blind Side

King Dunlap stars in "The Blind Side"

that now features King Dunlap on the blind side, and Asante Samuel’s poor excuse for tackling, and there’s no way anyone would think we’d be 4-2.

But here we are.

Thanks Andy Reid?

You bet your [bleep]

(all images are courtesy of the NFL, The Associated Press, and Warner Brothers)


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  1. SupSteve says:

    HAHAHA very well done my friend. You did a good job leading up to the King Dunlap picture (I’d never knew Kevin Kolb was that small!) and I like how you snuck in T.O. Keep up the good work bro

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