Matt Cain’s Pitching Trends and AT&T Park Seem Promising For Phils

Admittingly, being caught up in the hype that has become the NL East division race every year, and this overwhelming subconscious desire to hate the Yankees and the Red Sox, I’ve lost my true Philadelphian way. I forgot that I, just like anyone else, am a person, and I should not discriminate against another person. If I’m going to hate opposing teams, I should hate ALL opposing teams. I know the Mets, Braves, Yankees, and all our most notable enemies, like the back of my hand. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

With that said, I admit that my knowledge on teams like the Giants and Rangers is not nearly as in-depth as other rivals, and while that may seem justified, I am NOT okay with it. I have a standard to maintain as that type of fan opposing teams fear having within an audible distance at the Linc, the Well, or CBP. So I’ve been doing some homework on the Giants. What I’ve learned so far makes me not worry about going 1-2 at AT&T Park earlier this season. As a matter of fact, I’m looking forward to going back there today.

In an era where franchises need a new and innovative stadium to maintain attendance, I’ve taken note to plenty of them. Citizen’s Bank Park here in Philly, Nationals Park in D.C., Citi Field and the new Yankee Stadium in New York. I’ve even visited all of them except new Yankee Stadium. My attention when AT&T park was built, along with many other people’s I’m sure, was on Barry Bonds. So I’m familiar with McCovey Cove, the enormous Coke bottle and 4-fingered baseball glove that MLB The Show 2010 introduced me to, and the ZERO NL pennants won there without Barry Bonds.

AT&T park

The Coke bottle and 4-fingered glove in AT&T Park.

With that said, here’s the dimensions of AT&T Park:

Left field line – 339 feet (103 m)
Left field – 364 feet (111 m)
Left-center field – 404 feet (123 m)
Center field – 399 feet (122 m)
Right-center field – 421 feet (128 m)
Right field – 365 feet (111 m)
Right field line – 309 feet (94 m)

Here’s where it gets good. That infamous right field may boast a 24ft. wall, but it is also called “Triples Alley”. Speedy players such as Ichiro have actually had inside-the-park home runs in that corner, and we are a lineup with plenty of speed. We are also a lineup that loves to pull the ball, and left-handers pulling the ball will place it in right field. Tonight with Matt Cain pitching for San Francisco, the Phillies will feature 6 left-handed batters: Victorino (S) Utley (L) Howard (L) Rollins (S) Ibanez (L) Hamels (L).

More on Matt Cain: his change-up can be pretty devastating to lefties, as it runs away at the end, and this is a team that can struggle with off-speed pitches. However, Cain is a fastball pitcher, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The Phillies LOVE the fastball, and tonight they should see enough of them to put a dent in the scoreboard (located in center field, while we’re still learning about AT&T park 🙂 ]

Fastball Table

Matt Cain's Fastball Usage for the 2010 Season (

The Phillies, a team throwing out 6 left-handed batters tonight, are also a team that can get themselves into plenty of 0-2 counts, and Cain 63% of the time will still go fastball there to lefties. Ryan Howard, I hope you read this. No sliders away today buddy.

Some people suggested to me today to just right a prediction piece, what I think will happen today. I’m a Phillies fan, I’m biased. While I do consider myself a realist, I didn’t want to just obviously write: “PHILLIES WILL WIN 7-0 TODAY!”

However, i’ll even admit, while I did wake up today thinking we’d win today, in writing and researching for this article, my confidence grew in leaps and bounds.

So with that said, “PHILLIES WILL WIN 7-0 TODAY!”

Or something like that.

Go Phils!


Go Phils!


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22, Communications/journalism major at CCC/Rowan University. Philadelphia sports are my passion. Also the drummer in a band called The Bottom Line.
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