Kolb VS Vick

As all Eagles fans know, Michael Vick is going to be the starting QB for the Eagles this sunday, when Peyton Manning and Indianapolis come into Philly. The Eagles, at 4-3, are still contenders in the NFC, at least for now.
The Flyers lead the Atlantic Division with 15 points, 1 point behind the NHL leader Los Angeles. What looked to be a rotating door at goalie between Sergei Bobrovsky, Brian Boucher, and eventually Michael Leighton. After a Stanley Cup Finals run last year, this team still came in looking for answers. It’s still early, but many are surprised even by the success this early. I for one, am not. :p.

The Sixers are 0-4.

If you were waiting for the punchline, that was it.

It’s a pretty interesting, exciting, and yet, as usual, frustrating time in Philadelphia sports. I’m gonna break down some interesting match-ups occurring in Philly right now, and call ’em how i see ’em. This will be a multi-part column, where for the rest of the week I will break down some player comparisons regarding Philly sports.

Part 1:

Kevin Kolb

Kevin Kolb

Kolb VS Vick

The future, the guy who was putting chills down McNabb’s spine for 4 years, the franchise quarterback, Kevin Kolb. The only QB to throw for over 300 yards in his first two games (last year against New Orleans and Kansas City). Week 1, his first full season as the official starter, and Clay Matthews delivers Kolb’s head on a silver platter to the ground. Concussion.

Insert Michael Vick. Former Pro Bowler, NFC Championship Game participant, stud mobile QB. Holds NFL records for most rushing yards in a game by a QB (173), 100-yd rushing games (7), and most rushing yards in a single season (1039). Vick hasn’t thrown an interception as an Eagle, against 6 touchdown passes. Almost pulled out the win Week 1, won 2 in a row, and suffered a rib injury against Donovan McNabb and Washington.

Neither of these men have great resume’s to sit here and really break down numbers, especially Kolb. I know Vick has plenty of playing time, but I would still consider him a different player than with Atlanta, plus is on a much different offense. With that said, and as someone who came into this season with a tremendous (and maybe even absurd) amount of faith in Kevin Kolb, I believe Vick is the guy you go with right now.

Michael Vick

Michael Vick

Any Eagles fan, no matter how passive or aggressive, knows this offensive line is, for lack of a better term, a mess. LeSean McCoy has been the most welcome surprise this season. He really looks like while he won’t be an “elite” back, he can be the main RB on this team, especially in an offense like this, with no problem. Vick gives a huge advantage to any running back, especially a “slasher” like McCoy. The speed Vick has, you have to respect him on every play. Any time Vick hands the ball off, a few steps the opposite way on his part will always attract defenders. Eyes are always on him, which leaves eyes off of LeSean McCoy, where many times they will belong.

If you go by who started each game, Vick is 2-1, Kolb is 2-2. Vick’s only loss was against the Redskins here in Philly, a game the Eagles could’ve still won when Kolb entered, or could’ve won had Vick not gone down. Kolb’s losses are the opener against Green Bay, which Vick still had a chance to win, and Tennessee, where Kolb and the offense did the job early, but the defense completely blew that game.

I am still a Kolb fan, I am not on board with signing Vick after this year unless it is a contract suitable for a backup QB. Vick is injury prone, all mobile QB’s are. My confidence in Vick has a lot to do with knowing Kolb is behind him, and how comfortable I am with him coming in to replace Vick if needed. Kolb is the type of QB Andy Reid wants for this offense, and he has a longer future and more upside than Vick.

I am an Eagles fan though, and obviously I want to win now, and as far as this season goes, Vick is the guy.

Check back tomorrow for my take on the Flyers goalie situation.


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22, Communications/journalism major at CCC/Rowan University. Philadelphia sports are my passion. Also the drummer in a band called The Bottom Line.
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