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22, Communications/journalism major at CCC/Rowan University. Philadelphia sports are my passion. Also the drummer in a band called The Bottom Line.

Touchdown Turnaround (Week 9)

I want to have an article after each Eagles week and recap some major points from the game. 7 seem to be fitting, as in 7 points for a touchdown. So here we go, first attempt. 1. The hit on … Continue reading

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The 3 Headed Monster

Continuing on my comparison of some key Philadelphia sports positions comparisons, today I’m going to go over the 3 headed monster that is the Flyers goaltending situation. With Michael Leighton recovering from his back injury, the Flyers came into the … Continue reading

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Kolb VS Vick

As all Eagles fans know, Michael Vick is going to be the starting QB for the Eagles this sunday, when Peyton Manning and Indianapolis come into Philly. The Eagles, at 4-3, are still contenders in the NFC, at least for … Continue reading

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Charlie Is The MANager

(If you remember the title of this post from my first article, than thank you. It got so much positive feedback that it just seemed fitting to use it in this context as well!) Do I believe Charlie Manuel is … Continue reading

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UFC 121 – Lesnar VS Velasquez

Dan Morgan with UFC Expert/Insider Paul Hartey Heavyweight Division Gabriel Gonzaga Brendan Schaub                 Gabriel Gonzaga (7-4 UFC) VS┬áBrendan Schaub (2-1 UFC) Even though Gonzaga has been on a losing streak, it’s been … Continue reading

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Matt Cain’s Pitching Trends and AT&T Park Seem Promising For Phils

Admittingly, being caught up in the hype that has become the NL East division race every year, and this overwhelming subconscious desire to hate the Yankees and the Red Sox, I’ve lost my true Philadelphian way. I forgot that I, … Continue reading

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No One Thought We Would Be 4-2

I remember listening to WIP and 97.5 The Fanatic before the Eagles regular season began, and all the hosts and callers who would run down the schedule, predicting wins and losses for each game. Pretty much everyone knew this was … Continue reading

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